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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG, became a massive hit for its high-quality battle royale in 2017. So it made a lot of noise when it was announced that PUBG will run on smartphones. It’d rather look so pale compared to the desktop version, or simply lagged. But here we get the best mobile action-adventure game – PUBG MOBILE.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

The quality of graphics depends on device you play with. As you start the application, PUBG will adjust the settings to your device for better gameplay, and even then you can change some options on your own. In general, the game provides a smooth picture, and no bags were noticed. To get a nicer picture it’s recommended to apply different filters.

The sound plays a major role in games like PUBG, with that you can hear the position of your opponents, but developers understand the capability of smart devices speakers and placed important notifications on the map. So the sound here is a nice addition if you want to fully enjoy game experience.

Controls 8/10

Controls are a weak spot for mobile action games, too much to place on the small screen, and it is kind of for PUBG MOBILE as well. You get like three buttons on the left, six on the right, which is confusing, but developers gave the option to adjust sticks to your needs. You can make some bigger or smaller, higher or lower. And still, the bigger screen – the better control over the game.

Gameplay 8/10

PUBG MOBILE Gameplay is similar to its desktop version. You and your team land on the island from a plane and collect firearms, armor, and medicine all over the island to fight against other players ‘til you and your team are the last players standing. Your first games will be played with bots only, and only after real players will connect. But even then an amount of bots is depressing. The half or even more players are generated, and it’s a huge miss for the game, since bots certainly give way to real players.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

Let’s be honest, no one would pay attention to this game, if it wasn’t so addictive. Battle after battle, one by one, your phone is dead, but you still want more. To fight everyone and stay the only one is the main reason why people play it. The conception is simple and appealing – you just have to be better than anyone else. Plus, daily events for you to not get bored.


Despite small disadvantages (and it’s just me nitpicking), PUBG MOBILE is a perfect action-adventure game for smartphones. It’s not lagging on poor devices due to its optimization; you can adjust mostly everything you need, even control sticks, for the smoother game experience; and it’s absolutely free.


  • all devices optimization
  • a variety of adjustments
  • daily events
  • it’s PUBG. And it’s MOBILE!


  • a lot of bots
  • unplayable on small screens

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 8

Security 8

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