MARVEL Battle Lines

MARVEL Battle Lines
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MARVEL Battle Lines for iPhone and iPad Review

Graphics and Sounds 10/10

You’d think graphics are not that important for a card collecting game interface, and maybe that’s true to some extent. Still, the graphics in MARVEL Battle Lines are very impressive, combining a dark theme with swift animations to create a dynamic atmosphere. What’s more, the cards themselves all feature beautiful character art that puts many other card games to shame. The in-game sounds and music all fit the overall spirit of the game, highlighting the heroic and joyful moments of your battles.

Control 7/10

Controlling Battle Lines is very easy and has no learning curve whatsoever. The gestures used for selecting and viewing the cards all work seamlessly. The response times for some buttons may be a little too long and bordering on annoying now that we’re all used to apps and games with extremely smooth controls. Some delays may be attributed to the fact that the game is connecting to the server to download or update some content, but we still think it might’ve been a good idea to work on response times a little more before releasing the game on the App Store.

Gameplay 8/10

Battle Lines is very fun to play even if you’re not really into the MARVEL universe. As you collect more cards and meet more superheroes, you’re bound to get interested in what else MARVEL has to offer and maybe even check out the comic books or movies that feature your new favorite characters.

The story mode is reasonably challenging and has a lot of potential to grab your attention and not let it go until you’re too tired to play. As you unlock new cards, you are able to use them in online PvP battles, which is a great motivator to keep going. If you’re currently offline, you can also check out your cool new cards in single player battle mode.

Lasting Appeal 7/10

Playing the story mode is a compelling experience that you probably want to savor over some time. Alternatively, you could just sit down and complete it all in one sitting - we are exaggerating a little here because you’d need to spend most of the day playing, but it’s definitely possible. On the one hand, this is good because you can unlock many cool cards and use them in online battles, but then again, we do wish that there was more to the story mode. The way it currently is, Battle Lines will keep you coming back for multiplayer battles, but there’s no way to experience any new adventures with your superheroes unless developers decide to add more chapters to the story mode.


If you’re into card games, you’re definitely going to enjoy Battle Lines. If not, you may still want to try this particular one to see if it maybe changes your opinion of the genre. Awesome character art, engaging story mode, and lots of multiplayer battles to shine in all make Battle Lines worth checking out for card game enthusiasts, casual gamers, and basically anyone looking for a good game to play on their iPhone or iPad.


  • Graphics are nothing short of amazing
  • Online PvP battles are very engaging and fun
  • Exciting story mode with cool adventures


  • Rather short story mode
  • Slow response/loading times

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 7

Security 8

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