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Granny for iPhone and iPad Review

Graphics and Sounds 9/10

Granny is a game that revolves around visual experiences, so it makes sense that the graphics look great and contribute a lot to the overall positive impression of the game. The house that you must escape looks realistic and yet unnervingly dark and haunting, which obviously works in favor of the game, adding a certain eerie vibe to the gameplay.

The sounds used in the game also play their part in creating a dark atmosphere, and they’re crucial to the gameplay itself as you need to make sure you’re not making any noises. We recommend that you play in headphones for a more immersive experience.

Control 8/10

The gameplay controls in Granny are as simple as it gets: a digital joystick on the left side of the screen and a button to switch from standing to crouching. You can look around, move, and crouch to hide under beds. Even with this limited number of movement options, you can still make a lot of noise that leads Granny right to you. Sometimes your left hand is going to cover up a part of the room that could contain strategically important items like beds or anything that could make a noise, but that’s not a huge issue.

Gameplay 7/10

Playing Granny feels very exciting and somehow refreshing because it’s quite different from most other games available on the App Store. You’ll find yourself holding your breath and hoping Granny is not coming for you more times than you’d expect. Your nerves are also going to be tingled by facing Granny’s bat - well, at least the first couple of times you die.

The one major issue we had with the gameplay is that the ads sometimes interrupt you right in the middle of playing. This is not only detrimental to the overall atmosphere and experience, but can also result in losing the game because your concentration shifted and you made a wrong move once the ad is over. Displaying the ads in the menu when players start a new game would definitely have improved the gameplay experience.

Lasting Appeal 6/10

Depending on how much you enjoy the game, its replayability for you will vary. If you really enjoy playing Granny, you’re probably going to come back for more every once in a while, but there isn’t much to do in the game besides getting out of the house. Once you’ve done that a couple times, the game’s appeal is inevitably going to decline. If you play Granny casually, you probably won’t have much incentive to revisit the game unless the developer adds some new features or locations in future updates.


Granny is a good game for fans of the horror genre who would like to have their nerves tickled by yet another indie adventure. It might also be enjoyed by casual gamers willing to try something new. Our impression of the game was somewhat marred by the annoying ads and lack of lasting appeal for most players, but we still think Granny is worth checking out, especially since it’s a free game.


  • The graphics are very well made
  • An immersive playing experience that will draw you in
  • The game is free of charge if you don’t mind viewing ads


  • Ads interrupting gameplay
  • Low replayability

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 8

Security 7

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