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Fortnite Review

The Fortnite phenomenon can be defined as “in the right time at the right place.” People just want a fun vivid game to play, neither more nor less than. Fortnite: Battle Royale is that game that offers its players pretty bobbish game experience. So it was a matter of time for Fortnite to come out on smartphones. But is that as good as its desktop/console version? Let’s find it out!

Graphics and Sound 5/10

It’s not dull to say that Fortnite is Fortnite because of its cartoon-like graphics. The desktop/console version of the game provides a great colorful picture, which gets better with each update, but it’s not the same with a mobile version. Yes, it still has got varied colors, but they aren’t that rich as you expect it to be. And pixilation happens to be. It would be more than okay for other battle royale games, yet not for Fortnite, which bar is highly raised.

Controls 3/10

Developers of mobile version of Fortnite were given a not-that-simple task. The mobile battle royale game is a pretty usual thing for gamers, but Fortnite isn’t usual battle royale game. In order to eliminate your opponents, you can not only shoot them with obtained firearms but build structures to protect yourself. And there come problems. Shooting is kind of fine but problematic with aiming, while the building is a true pain. You can’t build as easy as you do on desktop or console, which doesn’t make sense. The building is part and parcel of the game and the mobile version is lacking it. Such a huge miss! 

Gameplay 8/10

As stated before, Fortnite is not a usual battle royale game but does follow its main features. The player or players start the game skydiving from Battle Buses onto a land, where they have to find everything that may help them to survive and eliminate other players. Instead of simply fighting against your opponents you can also build structures to protect yourself turning this game into kind of a strategy. Exactly that small addition to battle royale genre made Fortnite so popular.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

The Fortnite battles are short enough to not to get bored, so you immediately want to start another one. Building mode is a huge plus for those who tired of just shooting. That way players can explore different strategy each battle, which definitely can’t bore.


Fortnite seems like a fun game to play, and it absolutely is, only if it wasn’t mobile. Controls made the game completely unplayable, and the game itself lost its key element. Graphics isn’t appealing as well compared to its desktop/console version.


  • free to play
  • catching battles
  • building feature


  • poor graphics
  • unplayable controls  

Design and Usability 5

Key Functions 3

Security 8

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