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Creative Destruction
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Creative Destruction: Bumblebee Fight Experience Review

Creative Destruction is known as a survival game, in which a player is put to battle with competitors for the opportunity to become the last man standing and secure a victory.

NetEase has recently announced that its Fortnite-like survival game will include a special guest appearance of Hasbro’s iconic Bumblebee. The players get the chance to play as everybody's favorite Transformer’s character and enjoy themed battlefield mode in this limited-time event.

Graphics and Sound 8/10

Graphics in Creative Destruction have always been good, but here it will be fair to say that the game picture is fantastic. Bumblebee’s appearance incepts its themed improvements so that the shooting adventures look truly visually impressive.

Controls 9/10

If you’re familiar with games in the battle genre, mastering controls of Creative Destruction should be anything but complicated.  

Whether you prefer fighting and gunning down your opponents or you’re amongst those who would better gain control over the fight by eliminating the opponent from a better position, the control setups are pretty much easy to handle.

Gameplay 9/10

As we’ve already mentioned, the latest update to the game features a new character - Bumblebee Transformer. Battlefield and the whole picture are theme-based and come with Transformer-style suits, weapons, pendants, skins, and more. The arrival of Bumblebee brings vehicles into the game, so if you in the mood for fast reckless racing, you will like this new update.

Partnering up with another playing buddy is needed to dash into the enemies. Per one car, one player gets the role of a pilot while another is responsible for gunning.

When the match starts in Bumblebee Battlefield mode, you’ll be grouped with another gamer, and one of the teams will start playing as Bumblebee. If you want to fight as a yellow Transformer, you will have to beat the Bumblebee team.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

The game can get you hooked from the first minutes and its lasting appeal can be explained by many reasons of why people are so eager to play "just one more." There are literally dozens of solutions for each problem in this fight for being the last person standing, and your decisions and actions can be limited only by your own imagination.


The shooting game itself isn’t bloody or violent so it can be played not only by adults but by older kids as well.

It might demand the players to be willing to go through multiple play sessions in order to improve their strategy and get better at surviving on the highly competitive battlefield.

The tone of matches is pretty light and even friendly, especially if you team up with another gamer.

If you like shooting multiplayer adventure games, you just have to check out this game. It is fast-paced and will definitely keep you coming back for more. Creative Destruction has always been growing and evolving experience but the guest appearance of Transformer’s Bumblebee lifts survival game playing to a completely new level.


  • Graphics are excellent making the game look fantastic
  • Bumblebee is an exciting new character
  • Fast racing experience that will give you an adrenaline rush
  • Team-based play allows for an even more engaging exprience.


  • Limited time event

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 9

Security 9

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