Refreshed Mac mini concept with built-in Touch Bar & Face ID

Three years have gone since the last update of the Mac mini, and this is one of the long-released Apple products, ripe for a complete overhaul. Perhaps, this is because the modern concept of the industrial designer Louis Berger provides a miniature desktop Mac, but with a much more modern approach.

He called the idea of "Desktop Concept," but in its heart, it’s a new form factor for Mac mini with built-in Touch Bar and much more.

“The Taptop concept repositions the classic desktop PC from a box with outsourced hardware components into a device which is in the center of user interaction. It fuses the cursor optimized desktop interface with a multi-touch control strip, functioning as the Dock and Touch Bar, allowing users to interact with the actual device, not just with peripherals. The Taptop computer brings the familiar concept of having your Apps at your fingertips to the desktop.”

Dubbed, the Taptop, the tiny Mac concept packs all the components of a regular computer, plus a microphone and speakers. It can be used to display the app dock on your Mac while also doubling as a Touch Bar for quick access to popular tasks and commands.

The form factor of the concept, in particular, takes the Mac mini format from behind or underneath design to something that’s meant to sit in front of the user as a peripheral with the built-in Touch Bar. Due to this reason, it’s angled for comfortable use of the touchscreen functions. The concept also adds Face ID to the Mac mini so that it unlocks as soon as its owner is within a distance to use it, Berger says the concept is supposed to reposition the traditional desktop PC as a device that is the center of interaction, instead of relying on other peripherals. In the process, it gets an entirely different shape that more matches a Beats Pill speaker than the current square Mac mini.

Although the concept is indeed not based specs for any actual rumored products, the Mac mini format is something that Tim Cook and company have hinted could make a return at some point. Back in October Cook said that Apple is going to keep the line around, although he stopped short of promising an upcoming update. And back in April earlier this year Apple mentioned the Mac mini was still on its radar while pre-announcing its upcoming Mac Pro and iMac hardware.


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