60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure
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60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure Review

The 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure is really a strategy game. It’s not just another simulator with cartoonish graphics. You have one minute to pack everything you need and everyone you can’t imagine your life about before the bomb explodes. Think fast and act like crazy.

Graphics and Sound 8/10

The game has graphics similar to hand-drawn pictures. While it makes the whole experience unique, there is no visual attraction to it. Characters and objects around are more colorful than pleasant. Possibly, this is a part of a brilliant strategy of game producers to make the killing of one of the characters less painful. At the same time, this cartoonish look is one of a kind, and quickly becomes game’s official signature. Still, Bonk and Pow messages every time Ted collides can become really annoying.

As for the music, there is no much of it in the game. There are separate sounds obviously made to heat the tension in the game. They perfectly combined with the changing picture in the game and intensify the dark humor from time to time.

Controls 9/10

This game is all about tapping. You’ll have to tap things you will need in a bunker and pick the members of your family as well. They may look useless, but you can send them to different unpleasant or dangerous missions after all.

The game uses touch screen controls like many other iOS games for your mobile. So, there is nothing complicated in it. You don’t even need a tutorial. Your main goal is to control Ted, the main character.

Gameplay 9/10

If you are new to the mobile games in general, you may need some practice at first. You learn during few first times in the game. Just enter it again and again, until you will be able to pick all the things you need as quickly as possible. Remember, you have one minute to gather all the things you will need to survive in a bunker. So, don’t forget about food, water and weapon. Don’t run like crazy and don’t pick random items you will not need.

You don’t have to take all your siblings with you. Sounds tough, but this is not a Candy Crush, this is a real survival game. All the things that you picked will be needed in the second part of the game, once the bomb will explode and you will record your life in the bunker.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

This is not the game you will be able to conquer from the first time. It is impossible to remember the correct layout of the items you need. It is constantly changing from one game to another. Multiple events are random as well. It is always interesting to come back into the game.


The 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure is a truly entertaining game. You can train your attention to details there and speed of reaction. But the most joy you will have if you just relax and enjoy the dark humor of this game.


  • High replay value
  • Unique cartoonish design
  • Interesting plot


  • Simplicity in details of design
  • No complicated sound tracks

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 9

Security 9

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